Safe At Home

Safe At Home

At Little Unicorn, we feel truly blessed that we can continue to meet your needs during these times that feel so… strange. Like yours, our emotions are all over the place. From being scared and unsure, to feeling helpless and angry, to feeling great joy and gratitude that we can still do what we love while being safe at home with our families.

One day, things will feel normal again.

We’ll rush around, filling our schedules with endless errands, activities and to-dos. We’ll rush to the office, walk freely into the grocery store, and hug our parents without hesitation or thought. Heck — we’ll even eat our kids leftover nuggets again. (Wait — you’re still doing that, right?) 

Until then, let’s cherish these moments with our little families and take it one step at a time.

The world is good. People are good. This too shall pass.